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​​We are expanding our studio. Our expansion plan was recently featured in the Bellaire Today. 

HOUSTON -- Snip, snip; curl, curl…but there’s more to a hair studio than cutting and curling, according to Roy Ramos, owner-stylist of Elektra Hair Studio a few blocks west of the Galleria.

In announcing his expansion from 1,700 to 2,000-square-feet, Ramos says each stylist needs enough space to “spread his creative wings and my goal is to provide a balance between privacy and the buzz of lively studio.” Ramos also has added two experienced stylists, Claude Issa and Daniel Mota, both of whom worked at the same Post Oak hair studio in Houston for more than 10 years. Other stylists with Elektra are Sasha, Robert, Shanna, Angelique Hoover, Roberta Fierro and Roy Ramos.

“This expansion permits Elektra to offer more diverse hair services including hair extensions, balayage (highlighting), keratin hair treatments and straightening techniques,” said Ramos.


Elektra Hair Studio is located at 2400 Augusta, Suite 114, on the northeast corner. Elektra first opened in Houston on San Felipe in 1988.

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