Simona Leones:

Simona Leones is happy with her new summer bob by her boss Roy, owner-stylist of Elektra. Roy knows some of his most influential clients are his employees and Simona has worked with him for 20 years. Simona’s hair was very long before!

Philip T:

“I’ve been going to Roy at Elektra for about 10 years because I like the way he cuts my hair short but still stylish and manageable.  Polite shampoo girls, too. Roy and I talk the stock market.”

Leslie B:

“I went to Roy for years before I relocated for my career, and when visiting Houston my choice is always Elektra. Happy to see how the salon has grown and he has so many fine stylists working with him.  I just wish Roy would open a satellite in Nashville!”

Shirley B:

“For a great haircut and natural-looking body wave, Roy at Elektra is the best.”

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